1, 2, 3, 4 — we declare a thumb war

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Everything is great. Everything is wonderful. And everything is worthy of a thumbs up — if you’re a politician.

During this election cycle, we’ve seen plenty of them standing up in front of a crowd, with their outermost digit extended skyward.

While we know the winners and losers in Tuesday’s election (for the most part), who would win in a thumb war? There are many different styles employed across the nation.

For example:

After declaring victory Tuesday night over Gov. Pat Quinn, Republican Bruce Rauner used an intricate quadruple move — a double thumbs up, broken up by a quick clap, then another double thumbs up, with a slight body turn worked in:

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott goes with the firm, confident, high above his head move. Doesn’t even break a sweat.

Getty Images

Like Rauner, retiring Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, tosses both thumbs into the mix.

AP Photo

Sen. Pat Robers, R-Kansas, manages to safely execute the move from a moving vehicle.

AP Photo

Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder prefers to shoot from the hip.

AP Photo

New Hampshire Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown showed he could multitask, not only doing it while on the phone, but with pen in hand as well. Bravo!

AP Photo

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker is undeterred by a bandaged digit, still opting for the in your face thumbs up.

President Barack Obama does it with a smile.

AP Photo

Democratic Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley preferred tossing it up there at a bit of an angle.

AP Photo

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill appears to channel the Fonzie.

AP Photo

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