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Rep. Paul Ryan's Budget: Repeals Obamacare

House Budget Committee chair Rep. Paul Ryan R-Wisc. unveils a proposed fiscal 2015 election year budget on Tuesday that calls for repealing Obamacare — so is not going to get a friendly reception from House Democrats and faces no prospects of passage in the Democratic controlled Senate.

My Tuesday column on a look ahead of Obamacare politics is HERE.

Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s vice presidential runningmate in 2012, calls for $5.1 trillion in cuts over the next ten years, trims in some tax rates for the wealthy, and a reduction of federal spending on Medicare, though no changes for those retired or soon-to-be. The dueling fiscal 2015 proposed budgets–GOP Ryan’s plan and President Barack Obama’s, sent to Congress last month, are more election year documents than anything else, which detail different views of how federal government should be funded and run.

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