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Peter King: Rand Paul presidency would be 'disastrous'

What would happen if Sen. Rand Paul becomes president? Total mayhem, according to Republican Rep. Peter King (NY).

While it’s no secret that King isn’t a fan of Paul, he was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday and launched an all-out assault on the senator from Kentucky.

“I think his views would be disastrous,” King said. “I think he appeals to the lowest common denominator. This is an isolationist wing from the 1930s.”

He also said a Paul presidency would be “diastrous.”

And he says Paul’s rhetoric is “feeding into paranoia.”

“Rand Paul brings it to this hysterical level,” King said. “He talks about the CIA trying to kill Americans having coffee in Starbucks, when he talked about President Obama listening to his cell phone conversations.”

Oh, and one other thing.

“We do need an intelligent debate and I don’t think Rand Paul is capable of having that debate,” King said.

h/t: Politico