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Bob Dole: If I die before 2016, I'll vote absentee

Bob Dole has already made it clear that he’s not running for president in 2016, even if he’s going on a nine-county tour in Kansas this week.

But the 90-year-old said he’s already made plans for how he’ll vote — sort of.

“But my main concern about those elections is that, well, I just hope I’m still around to vote then,” he said in an interview with McClatchy DC. “If not … I plan to vote absentee.”

He seems to have it thought out. Or maybe not.

“I have no idea how they get the ballots back from up there,” Dole said. “But I will check it out. And send it back special delivery.”

As far as his tour across Kansas, Dole says he simply wants to shake hands — with both Democrats and Republicans — and share some stories.

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