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LBJ got most death threats of any president, author says

Lyndon B. Johnson was a marked man. The most-marked man out of any U.S. president, at least according to author Mel Ayton.

Ayton has a new book out, titled “Hunting the President: Threats, Plots and Assassination Attempts — From FDR to Obama.”

“Generally speaking, the level of threats each post-war president has faced has remained stable,” Ayton told The Daily Caller. “However, from my research, I would hazard a guess that the most -threatened president in American history has to be Lyndon Johnson, mainly because of the Vietnam War,” he continued. “He is possibly the only president who confined his public speaking events to ‘safe’ venues like military bases. The apex of demonstrations against the war during his presidency occurred in 1968 and the Secret Service persuaded Johnson that the level of hatred directed towards him would make it more likely than not fanatical anti-war militant groups or individuals would make an attempt on his life.”

He does say that it is impossible to keep track of the actual number of death threats, because the Secret Service files for the most part, remain closed.

Via The Daily Caller