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Local GOP chair compares Obama to zebra-donkey

In a newsletter sent out to supporters, the chairman of a local chapter of the Illinois Republican Party didn’t specifically refer to President Barack Obama, but it’s pretty clear who he was talking about.

Winnebago County Republican Central Committee Chairman Jim Thompson has a number of items in the newsletter, including one promoting a Juneteenth event.

The second to last item rips Obamacare, in addition to the president, and then he buries this immediately at the end, referring to a baby zebra-donkey hybrid that was born last week in Mexico:

“Media update for the week: saw on the news this week the offspring of a donkey and a zebra, black and white legs, rest all donkey. Not sure why this is news: now if we can teach him to read a teleprompter, we could have two living creatures the media will fawn over that is part white part black and all a**!”

On Tuesday, he issued an apology.

“I would like to offer my sincere apology to those who were offended, and I regret including this item in the newsletter,” Thompson wrote in an email to Talking Points Memo. “In the future, it most certainly won’t happen again.”

Via Talking Points Memo