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Liz Cheney: Nancy Pelosi's 'spine doesn’t reach her brain'

Liz Cheney isn’t going to sit back and let House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) trash talk her father. After Pelosi said Dick Cheney created an “attitude” that encourage torture at the CIA, Liz Cheney went on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to fire back.

“Frankly, Mrs. Pelosi is somebody who was briefed on the program,” Cheney said. “She forgot she was briefed on the program, later to admit it. And I have to say that when I heard those comments yesterday, I was reminded of something that Margaret Thatcher once said about one of her political opponents. Mrs. Pelosi’s problems is her spine doesn’t reach her brain.

She continues:

“We’ve got too many in Washington who were all in favor of doing everything necessary in protecting the nation after 9/11,” she continued, “who now seem to be really not interested in looking at the facts, but really just looking for a way, frankly, to cast blame and say things that aren’t true about those brave men and women.”

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Unfortunately, she didn’t offer up her opinion on comments by Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), who said he wants Dick Cheney to be waterboarded.