Herman Cain says we have no idea how to choose a president

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Herman Cain isn’t bitter that he isn’t president. But he also says Americans have no idea how to choose one.

In an op-ed for Canada Free Press, Cain starts off by saying he’s having the best time of his life, before going on the attack against voters, saying “the way we choose presidents makes no sense whatsoever.”

Cain had a presidential bid in 2012 that tanked after multiple reports that he was a womanizer.

He says we need less of a politician, and more of an executive to run the country.

Eventually we settled on Mitt Romney after all of the above fell by the wayside for one reason or another, in spite of the fact that there really wasn’t a group rabidly supporting him. He was just the last person standing, which is sort of ironic because Mitt’s background was about as strong as anyone’s with respect to the qualifications I outlined above. (And for the record, I think he would have been a very good president.)

Cain isn’t necessarily alone. A recent poll showed Americans said we’d be better off if Romney had beat Obama.

He goes on to say that Americans were perfectly happy with Obama, not because of his leadership, but because he looked out for their own political interests.

And when it comes to qualifications …

“Prior to becoming president, Obama had never held any executive position whatsoever,” Cain writes. “If he had been applying for an executive job at any company, he would have been laughed out of the interview room as hopelessly unqualified. Yet he was able to get himself elected president of the United States – once and then again.”

“That can only have happened because the way we choose presidents makes no sense whatsoever,” Cain continues. “We reward political performance, not executive achievement, when we choose the top executive for our nation. Then we are troubled when the president looks more like a politician giving a performance than like a serious executive who knows how to lead and get things done.

“If someone wanted to write a book titled, ‘How Not to Choose a President,’ it could actually be a pretty short book. All it would have to say is: The way we do it now.

Via Canada Free Press

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