Memoir details time Obama walked in on staffer with college friend in bed

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President Barack Obama once walked in on aide Reggie Love’s hotel room when he had “old friend from college” in his bed. | AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

There’s the Situation Room, and then there’s the situation room.

A new memoir due out in early February details how then-Sen. Barack Obama walked in on Reggie Love, his personal aide, who happened to have an old friend from college in bed with him.

The Washington Post received a copy of “Power Forward: My Presidential Education,” in which Love describes the incident that happened in 2007 in West Palm Beach, during Obama’s White House campaign.

Love had already gotten out of bed, but his friend hadn’t, when Obama let himself into the room using a Secret Service master key.

I remember the most peremptory of knocks, the sound of his voice talking even as he walked in. … He was charged up, going a mile a minute. Hey, Reggie, we need to go over the schedule – at which point the senator finally noticed my friend in bed, covers pulled to her throat, mortified. Oh, he said. I apologize. Then he turned around and hurried out.

Just like now, Love had no issue talking about the incident back then.

The next day, while Obama was venting about the campaign, Love chimed in.

You know, sir, if it’s any consolation, I’m having the time of my life. And the senator said to me, Well, Reggie, it’s actually not a consolation to me that my campaign for president can help subsidize your love life.

Many on board laughed, but Love wasn’t done.

Actually, sir, I got way more action in college.

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