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Democrat's explanation of how Congress works is purely magical

Rep. Mark Pocan, R-Wisconsin

Schoolhouse Rock’s “How a Bill Becomes a Law” may be perfectly fine for explaining the specifics, but how do you describe how Congress works in two minutes? With magic, that’s how.

Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wisconsin, hasn’t cut any of his GOP opponents in half (yet), but has launched a new “Magic Mondays” video series.

Pocan explains that he helped pay his way through college by performing as a magician.

“I never would have thought about it at the time, but doing magic was a great preparation for a career in politics,” Pocan says. “Think about it. Misdirection, sleight of hand, deception. Heck, that sounds like Speaker Boehner’s 2015 agenda.”

He then goes on to perform a card trick.

“Politicians too often say one thing, but actually do another,” Pocan says after he fools the viewer with the trick.

And in case you’re feeling nostalgic:

h/t: Mediaite