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Ted Cruz totally botches State of the Union response, uploads to YouTube anyway

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) | Getty Images

Initially, everything was going fine for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Tuesday night after President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address.

In his response to the speech, Cruz opted to ditch the pre-written speech and wing it outside the House Chamber.

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For about 50 seconds, Cruz spoke out against Obama, saying it’s “time to move on.”

But then, something strange happened to the champion college debater.

He lost his train of thought, stumbled a bit, then told the staffer recording the video, “Meh, lemme start over.”

Cruz regrouped, started over and got through his entire response the second time around. The only problem? The unedited version was uploaded to Cruz’s YouTube page.

Mediaite managed to grab a full copy of the video before it was yanked off YouTube.