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Mike Huckabee: If I don't run for president, 'I've got to be the dumbest man alive'

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Either former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is running for president in 2016, or he’s the “dumbest man alive.”

At least that’s how he looks at it.

Huckabee, who left his show on Fox News to explore a presidential bid, was on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday.

“The View” host Nicole Wallace asked if he’s going to run for president because “seriously, you have a conviction and a belief that’s part of what’s missing.”

“You can bring it, obviously,” Wallace said. “Are you going to bring that to the presidential contest?”

Huckabee didn’t say he’s running, but …

“I left the show that I had for six and a half years on the Fox News network,” he said. “If I don’t run for president, I’ve got to be the dumbest man alive to give up that good of a gig to not run.”

Since leaving his Fox News show, Huckabee has been making the rounds.

He recently blasted the Obamas for letting Malia, Sasha listen to Beyoncé and while on “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart told Huckabee he “made a terrible, terrible mistake” by quitting Fox and considering another campaign.