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Scott Walker once paid full price for a sweater at Kohl's

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker | Scott Olson/Getty Images)

While speaking over the weekend at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tried to connect with voters by telling a story about how he shops at Kohl’s.

It was an anecdote about being budget conscious.

But Walker also had a confession to make: He has paid full price for a sweater at the retailer, which is known for it’s seemingly never-ending sales, Kohl’s cash promotions and online coupons.

Walker told of how when he was first married, he committed the seemingly unthinkable (and nearly impossible) act of paying full retail for that sweater.

His wife, Tonette, told him he couldn’t go back there until he learned “how to shop at Kohl’s.”

From USA Today:

Fast forward to a more recent purchase, with Walker joking he had used so many coupons and other discounts and “the next thing you know they are paying me to buy that shirt!”

Not quite, but yes, that’s pretty much how you shop at Kohl’s.