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It has some quizzical qualms, such as combining sports and asking what didn’t happen. At least it won’t lock you out.

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Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs

Former Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo reacts after homering in the first inning against the Reds on July 27.

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

1. Blackhawks goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, in picking up his 500th win, also earned his 69th shutout. That’s equal to the number of shutouts tossed by which Hall of Fame pitcher?

a. Warren Spahn

b. Christy Mathewson

c. Eddie Plank

d. Don Sutton

2. From 2012 to 2021, Anthony Rizzo wore No. 44 for the Cubs. Who was the 44th president of the United States?

a. Barack Obama

b. John F. Kennedy

c. Dwight Eisenhower

d. Richard Nixon

3. Which Hall of Famer did NOT play for the White Sox?

a. Jim Kaat

b. Minnie Minoso

c. Harold Baines

d. Tony Oliva

4. I’m a big fan of Cubs TV voice “Boog” Sciambi. Boog’s real first name is Jon, but he picked up the nickname because of which of the following?

a. He looks like John Wesley Powell.

b. He looks like John Wesley Harding.

c. He looks like Colin Powell.

d. Sciambi is an expert boogie-woogie dancer.

5. In 2021, Max Scherzer continued his journey toward being inducted into Cooperstown. He is fun to watch. Which item about Max is false?

a. Max pitches despite being afflicted with heterochromia iridum.

b. In 2021, Max went 0-for-59 at the plate in the regular season.

c. In 2021, Scherzer pitched for the Nationals and Dodgers and was 0-1 against each team.

d. Max has defeated the White Sox more than any other American League club.

6. His full name is Zachary Taylor Davis. Which did he NOT do?

a. Designed Comiskey Park.

b. Designed Wrigley Field.

c. Designed St. Ambrose Church.

d. Went 6-12 for the Cubs in 2021.

7. Each of the players listed below holds the White Sox’ record with eight RBI in a game, but only one accomplished the feat twice. Who did it?

a. Robin Ventura

b. Jim Spencer

c. Tommy McCraw

d. Yasmani Grandal

8. All but one of the following had two 30-plus-homer seasons for the Cubs. Who is the exception?

a. Aramis Ramirez

b. Kyle Schwarber

c. Kris Bryant

d. Ryne Sandberg

9. Since 1991, with the exception of 1998, these three men have started at first base on Opening Day for the White Sox: Frank Thomas, Paul Konerko and Jose Abreu. Who started in 1998?

a. Ed Norton

b. Ken Norton

c. Greg Norton

d. Greg Norman


1. Eddie Plank, from 1901-1917, had 326 wins, including 69 shutouts.

2. Barack Obama was our 44th president.

3. Tony Oliva played his entire career with the Twins.

4. John Wesley Powell is better-known as “Boog” Powell, the former great Orioles first baseman.

5. In 2021, Scherzer did not pitch against the Nationals but did lose to the Dodgers.

6. Zachary Ryan Davies went 6-12 for the Cubs in 2021.

7. Jim Spencer did it twice in less than two months in 1997.

8. In 2004, 2005 and 2006, Aramis Ramirez hit 30-plus homers (105 total).

9. Greg Norton, the baseball player, not the musician from the band Hüsker Dü.

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