Some more fan-test-ic questions in this Chicago baseball quiz

There will be a nice mix of Cubs and White Sox and a blend of history and current events

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Kerry Wood

Former Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood is introduced prior to game four of the National League Division Series between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field on October 13, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

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Welcome to the Sun-Times Chicago Baseball Quiz, I am your quizmaster, Bill Chuck. These quizzes are designed to be fun and can be played on your own or you can test your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues. The questions are easy if you know the answers. But rest assured, they are multiple choice, so you can always guess. Other than stats, there will be no math. There will be a nice mix of Cubs and White Sox and a blend of history and current events. Baseball is filled with great facts and stories, so there is no need for the questions to be obscure (“Who was sitting next to Steve Bartman?”).

Are you ready for the Chicago Nine?

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1. Three of these guys struck out in their first official at-bat in the majors, who didn’t?

a. Kris Bryant

b. Jose Abreu

c. Yoan Moncada

d. Javy Baez

2. Who is the only White Sox with multiple three-homer games?

a. Paul Konerko

b. Frank Thomas

c. Harold Baines

d. Jose Abreu

3. Which Cubs pitcher holds the record for most double-digit strikeout games in a season? Give yourself bonus points if you know how many and in what year.

a. Kerry Wood

b. Ferguson Jenkins

c. Yu Darvish

d. Carlos Zambrano

4. In regular interleague play, in the match-up between our two teams, only one pitcher has six wins (that’s the most). Who is he?

a. Jon Lester

b. Mark Buehrle

c. Jake Peavy

d. Carlos Zambrano

5. The great Hall of Famer Eddie Collins hit .335+ for the Sox in six different seasons. In three of those seasons, he had the same number of strikeouts. What were his strikeout totals for each of those seasons?

a. 19 c. 8

b. 16 d. 11

6. The most recent White Sox pitcher to homer was?

a. Mark Buehrle

b. Anthony Ranaudo

c. Jon Garland

d. Gary Peters

7. Lucas Giolito and Adam Eaton have a connection. What is it?

a. They are brothers-in-law

b. They were traded for each other

c. They went to college together

d. Eaton has hit two homers off Giolito

8. Who was the last Chicago Cy Young Award winner?

a. Chris Sale

b. Jack McDowell

c. Jake Arrieta

d. John Danks

9. Which happened first?

a. Jose Abreu hit for the cycle

b. Kris Bryant hit for three homers and two doubles in the same game

c. Jon Lester earned his 150th win

d. Ian Happ/Jason Heyward/Kyle Schwarber (all three outfielders) each hit two home runs in the same game


1. While Yoan Moncada walked in his first PA, he struck out in his first AB. Jose Abreu doubled in his first at-bat. 2. Harold Baines in 1982 against the Tigers and 1984 against the Twins. 3. Kerry Wood had 11 games of 10+ strikeouts in 2003. 4. Carlos Zambrano, with six wins against the Sox. 5. In 1926, Eddie Collins hit .344; in 1925, Collins hit .346; and in 1923, Collins hit .360, and each season he struck out just eight times. 6. Anthony Ranaudo on July 27, 2016, against Jason Hammel of the Cubs. Ranaudo took the 8-1 loss. 7. On December 7, 2016, the Sox traded Adam Eaton to the Nationals for Lucas Giolito and two other players. 8. Jake Arrieta won the NL Cy Young in 2015. 9. Kris Bryant hit for three homers and two doubles in the same game on June 27, 2016, against the Reds.

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