Baseball quiz: Keeping it 100

How well will you fare on this quiz that focuses on the century mark?

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves

Carlos Zambrano pitches during a game against the Braves on Aug. 12, 2011, in Atlanta.

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Earlier this month, I had a lovely time in Cooperstown, New York, when Bob Ryan and I spoke at the Hall of Fame. Bob is a well-known personality from his many years at ESPN and the Boston Globe, and he was recognized frequently, which gave me great pleasure.

Bob, being the generous person he is, was always sure to introduce me to the fans who approached him. And keeping it 100, I have to say I got great pleasure in being recognized as the quizmaster from our weekly time together. Clearly, there were many folks from the Chicago area visiting the great Hall of Fame.

Now, according to, ‘‘Keep it 100’’ is a slang phrase that means being authentic and truthful, akin to ‘‘keeping it real.’’ You can understand that I like the ‘‘100’’ phrase because it combines honesty and a stat.

So our quiz today is all about keeping it 100, as you soon will see. So if you ever see Bob Ryan walking around with another guy, it might be me. Bob is relatively tall and thin and has a shock of white hair. I’m the other one.

1. Through the Cubs’ and White Sox’ first 105 games this season, three Chicago players had 100 or more hits. Who didn’t?

a. Tim Anderson

b. Nico Hoerner

c. Ian Happ

d. Jose Abreu

2. Since 2001, two pitchers had 100 or more wins pitching for Chicago. Who are they?

a. Mark Buehrle

b. Jon Garland

c. Jon Lester

d. Carlos Zambrano

3. Which pitcher had the most seasons with 100 or more strikeouts for a Chicago team?

a. Carlos Zambrano

b. Fergie Jenkins

c. Mark Buehrle

d. All the same

4. Which batter had the most seasons with 100 or more strikeouts with a Chicago team?

a. Jose Abreu

b. Paul Konerko

c. Sammy Sosa

d. Alfonso Soriano

5. Which player had the most seasons of 100 or more RBI with a Chicago team?

a. Ernie Banks

b. Cap Anson

c. Sammy Sosa

d. Frank Thomas

e. All the same

6. Which of these Hall of Famers had the most seasons with 100 or more singles while in Chicago?

a. Ryne Sandberg

b. Billy Williams

c. Luke Appling

d. Nellie Fox

7. Which of these closers didn’t have 100 or more saves while pitching in Chicago?

a. Carlos Marmol

b. Randy Myers

c. Keith Foulke

d. Hoyt Wilhelm

8. Here are six players who, while they were with Chicago teams, had 100 or more doubles, stolen bases and home runs. Only one of these guys was caught stealing 100 or more times. Who was this oft-failing thief?

a. Shawon Dunston

b. Sammy Sosa

c. Ryne Sandberg

d. Minnie Miñoso

e. Alexei Ramirez

f. Ray Durham

9. This is a fun one dealing with retired numbers. Which players’ numbers can be added together to equal 100?

a. Minnie Miñoso

b. Ron Santo

c. Luis Aparicio

d. Ernie Banks

e. Fergie Jenkins

f. Frank Thomas

g. Carlton Fisk


Last week, the sixth question dealt with the Alabama 3, and I asked you which three players were born in Mobile, Alabama. Well, Say Hey! I messed up. But one of our observant readers, Al Spajer — the director of community engagement at the Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana — reminded me that Willie Mays was born in Westfield, Alabama, not Mobile. That’s right, and the quizmaster gets an ‘‘E’’ on the scoreboard. Thanks, Al, and my apologies to all — and to Willie.


1. Anderson and Happ each had exactly 100 hits, Abreu had 105 and Hoerner had 93.

2. Buehrle had 157 wins and Zambrano 125.

3. Billy Pierce leads all of Chicago with 12 seasons with 100 or more strikeouts. Zambrano, Buehrle and Jenkins had nine each.

4. Sosa had 11 seasons with 100 or more strikeouts with the Cubs and one more with Sox for a dirty dozen and the Chicago lead.

5. Banks and Anson each had eight and Sosa nine, but Thomas leads all of Chicago with 10 seasons of 100 or more RBI.

6. Appling had 15 seasons with 100 or more singles. Fox had 13, and Sandberg and Williams had 12 each.

7. Marmol had 117 saves, Myers 112, Foulke 100 and Hall of Famer Wilhelm 99.

8. While Miñoso was caught stealing 99 times, Sandberg stole 344 bases and was caught 107 times.

9. Here are the numbers of each of these greats: Miñoso, 9; Santo, 10; Aparicio, 11; Banks,14; Jenkins, 31; Thomas, 35; and Fisk 72. This means Banks + Jenkins + Thomas + Aparicio + Miñoso equals 100.

Have a great week and keep it 100.

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