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Cube’s Featured Game: Catholic League Prep Bowl

This weekend will hold one of the oldest bowl games in Illinois history, the Catholic League Prep Bowl, as it will host the St. Rita Mustangs and the Saint Ignatius Wolfpack. This prestigious bowl game has been around since 1927 and both teams are looking to take home this year’s crown jewel. St. Rita looks to add victory number eight to their already seven Prep Bowl titles. The Wolfpack may have a different outlook on the game as they come into this game with their very first Prep Bowl appearance.

Saint Ignatius will look to Mike Weber to make a big splash as he comes into play with over 500 rushing yards and seven touchdowns, just under teammate, quarterback Ryan Coolidge’s 10 touchdowns. That will seem to be the key to this game for the loaded Wolfpack offense. St. Rita, on the other hand, will look to counter with their very own star, junior running back, Shaun Rule. Rule has 560 yards rushing while tacking on 10 touchdowns this season. Rule holds nothing back and will look to find holes in the Wolfpack defense.

Do not miss out on this Prep Bowl matchup as it only happens once a year.

Key Players to watch:

ST. RITA: Shaun Rule, Sean Coghlan, Brandon Williams

SAINT IGNATIUS: Mike Weber, Ryan Coolidge, Brendan Narko