Chicago Fire: The story behind Dawson’s other piece of new jewelry

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Lt. Matt Casey put a ring on it in Tuesday’s episode of “Chicago Fire,” but that beautiful #Dawsey bling isn’t the only piece of new jewelry close to Gabriela Dawson’s heart.

Some eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that Dawson (Monica Raymund) is sporting a new chain this season.

A few of them asked me to find out more about the would-be firefighter’s new accessory when I was on the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios set of the NBC drama Monday.

“It’s Shay’s necklace,” Raymund said about the silver talisman that belonged to her former BFF and rig partner who was killed in the season premiere.

“She died and I wanted to take it; Shay is always here,” Raymund added, patting her heart.

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In real life, Lauren German (Shay) is a big fan of Pyrrha jewelry. The company’s Vancouver-based designers modeled their handmade sterling silver and bronze talisman necklaces after old wax seals. Shay’s — now Dawson’s — features a sparrow with a sprig of leaves in her beak. The company’s website, which sells the necklace for $150, says the sparrow symbolizes creativity.

“Lauren wears Pyrrha all the time,” Raymund said. “She just incorporated it into her character. She never took it off. When she left the show, I took it.”

Dawson hasn’t referenced or mentioned the necklace on the show. Raymund hopes it stays that way.

“I like subtlety like that,” she said. “People who are really invested in the show will notice.”

Someone in particular noticed it the other day: German, who caught up with Raymund when the latter visited Los Angeles last week.

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“The first time she saw me with it she just started crying,” Raymund said, adding that her former “Fire” cast mate is doing well.

“She’s great,” Raymund said. “She’s got work lined up. The girl is friggin’ talented.”

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