Bruce Rauner made $60 million last year

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Last year was a pretty good year for Bruce Rauner.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate reported nearly $60.8 million in income in 2013 — up from the $53.4 million he reported making in 2012.

His campaign also reported that he paid $14.3 million in federal taxes for a tax rate of more than 23.6 percent. He paid state government $2.87 million in taxes for the year.

“I’m nobody that nobody sent and independent of the special interests,” Rauner, of Winnetka, said in a prepared statement. “Unlike Pat Quinn, who put self-dealing and cronyism ahead of the people, I’ll put the people first and end decades of corruption in state government.”

The Quinn campaign immediately questioned why the venture capitalist released four pages of his 2013 tax return without the accompanying schedules.

“Mr. Rauner’s disclosure is wholly insufficient and raises more questions than answers. What are his sources of income? What loopholes is he jumping through? Does he have any conflicts of interest in his finances? The voters don’t know because Mr. Rauner is hiding this information from them,” said Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson.

Anderson also charged of Rauner, “he took in those millions at the same time he was running around Illinois advocating to cut the minimum wage.”

A Rauner spokeswoman said in response: “Bruce has already disclosed every investment that does business in Illinois and pledged a blind trust if elected governor.”

In a new release, Rauner’s campaing issued the following summary for his 2013 returns.

 Income on Federal Return: $60,777,806

Adjusted Gross Income on Federal Return: $60,150,853

Federal Income Taxes Paid: $14,373,718

Federal Effective Tax Rate on Income: 23.65%

Federal Effective Tax Rate on Adjusted Gross Income: 23.90%

Illinois Net Income on State Return: $61,432,654

Illinois Income Taxes Paid: $2,878,381

In 2011, Rauner reported $28.1 million in income and in 2010, $27.1 million.

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