Tips on how to run well in a costume

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If you’re going to run in a costume, have fun with it. | Chicago Monster Dash Photo

Later today, if I see one solitary runner doing his thing while dressed as Superman I’ll know I’ve done my job.

Because that’s my advice for today: run in your Halloween costume.

Oh, I should explain that recommendation is for anyone who will be participating in one of the various Halloween-themed runs planned for the upcoming weekend. The rest of you, well, go about your business.

Usually when we run we’ve got a standard outfit we wear when we hit the streets or trails. Same weight shirt and bottoms for the season, same shoes and same type of socks, maybe a hat or headband

Then comes the Halloween run, and we’ve got on masks and big crazy wigs and superhero costumes.

You can’t change up your running gear like that and not expect some surprises. So the best advice I can give is to go for a short run. Hesitant to hit the streets that way? Then do it in your yard or renters, run back and forth for 10-15 minutes in your apartment while wearing your costume.

What’s the point of this, besides giving anyone who catches sight of you a giggle? Well, if you’re Halloween getup includes a mask you’ll find out if you can breathe well enough while running.

Whatever exercise I do, I know my head sweats like crazy. If that’s you, maybe running with a wig on isn’t the best option. Think about that too when it comes to makeup you might be wearing that day.

If your costume’s made out of some scratchy material, for sure you want to take a trial run. You don’t want it rubbing wearing it shouldn’t. A trial run gives you time to figure out how to adjust.

All that being said, running in a costume can be a lot of fun. Many first-timers stick to their basic running outfit but add accessories to join in the festivities. Think about that.

Whatever you do, have fun with it!

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