I overate on turkey day. Now what?

SHARE I overate on turkey day. Now what?
SHARE I overate on turkey day. Now what?

It takes the will of a champion to stick to a healthy amount of calories on Thanksgiving– we get that.

If you did it, bravo. You’re stronger than most. But if you’re like the rest of us, you woke up this morning feeling like doing a little penance.

Does one super-rich meal ruin all the eating healthy you’ve done? No. It’s not great for you, but you can get back on track. Many nutritionists suggest sticking with the 80/20 rule anyway– eat mindfully 80 percent of the time, and you can splurge for 20 percent.

Self magazine suggests starting by eating normally again: Lean protein, green vegetables, avoid sugar and fat. Protein and fiber help slow digestion, which will help you stay full longer.

Don’t skip meals. Eat three healthy, veggie-focused meals — and an afternoon snack — the day after a junk food binge, suggests, Women’s Health. You want to keep your metabolism churning.

If you can, hit the gym. You don’t want to both be eating more than normal and missing your regular work outs. Schedule them ahead of time– it will keep you accountable.

Hopefully you already know, but you should NOT turn to fasting or a juice cleanse to compensate for your overindulgence. As Self explains, during fasting your body goes into survival mode and tries to keep the number of calories you burn at a minimum.

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