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Ultimate Chicago Gift Guide: Elevated Art

Eating local is all the rage. Why not shop local too? Check back here every day through Christmas for another sophisticated (or fun) holiday gift item either made by a Chicagoan, produced by Chicagoans, inspired by Chicagoans or sold exclusively in Chicago.


There is perhaps nothing as iconically Chicago as the cracked paint, rust and rumble of the L as it travels overhead or thunders underground. Remember those moments forever in a one-of-a-kind piece of art created by master printmaker Hiroshi Ariyama. From his west Division studio, he somehow creates images that are really only recognizable to true Chicagoans. Take a look at the above picture. Where did he take it? If this kind of city sleuthing turns you out, make haste to his etsy shop or his appointment-only studio at 2153 W. Division.

Oh, and to read more about Ariyama and his printmaking brethren, check out this story.