Q-and-A with Plainfield South’s Trevor Henderson

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Trevor Henderson, a junior pitcher who relies on a palmball for his success, said he also has a fastball and a changeup, but that he doesn’t have to use a curveball since the palmball works so well.

What’s the biggest difference between a palm and curve?

It depends on how the person throws it. With the curve, you’re doing more of a flick of the wrist and with a palm ball you’re not. So it doesn’t hurt your arm.

What were the most sports you played at once?

Four: baseball, basketball, football and soccer. Soccer was the least fun, but I had a blast with them all, honestly. Basketball was the most fun I had and I played that until sophomore year and then I had to hit the weight room for baseball. And football I stopped after freshman year because it was too hectic.

What’s the hardest part about playing multiple sports?

(Maintaining) your grades. A lot of times you go in after and before school and then there’s practice and you don’t have enough time to do homework or study for tests.

Was there any sport you wanted to try but didn’t have the chance?

I wanted to try hockey. I think I’m a good skater, because my mom taught me. But I never got the chance because it is so expensive. I’ll probably do it with friends for fun, just to play one day.

What’s it like playing baseball at Plainfield South?

The biggest rivals are Plainfield North and Plainfield Central. North has been on the top for a while and Central has been decent. We are good because we do the same fundamentals every day. We have a great coaching staff that helps us a lot.

Is there anything about the season you’re worried about?

Injuries. We had a lot of those last year. And it really hurt us a lot.

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