Rauner Inauguration sets tone: Limited to no access

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Our new governor who disparaged his predecessor incessantly about his supposed disconnect with the common people, while he himself is a millionaire several times over, is starting his term in the monarchial fashion we will all have to adjust to during his regime.


His Inauguration is restricted to pool reporting and thus will set the tone that is indicative of all Republican administrations: limited to no access for press that may offer an alternative narrative. No surprise of course, for he is a product of the corporate class and can not be bothered by things like transparency in governing.

Edward D. Juillard, Morgan Park

Protect bobcats

Thank you for the editorial encouraging Gov. Pat Quinn to veto the bobcat hunting legislation (which Quinn did Sunday). These majestic and exquisite animals have been imperiled for years and the hunters and trappers who want to cruelly kill them are motivated by profit, greed and vainglory. For years, Gov. Quinn has been a wildlife conservationist and animal lover. He can enhance his humane legacy by protecting bobcats from inhumane blood-sport zealots.Brien Comerford, GlenviewReduce wasteful spending

It’s bad enough that we are paying nearly 75 percent of NATO’s budget while the European countries reduce their defense budgets.  But now, instead of making meaningful reductions in the cost of underwriting the Europeans, we’re going to retain 67,000 military personnel already stationed there and add a squadron of F-35 fighter jets.

When will the president and Congress understand that we have limited resources and that taxpayers want to see their tax money spent in the United States?  Instead of operating as “the world’s policeman,” we should focus on rebuilding our decrepit infrastructure. While our airports, bridges, highways, ports and railway systems crumble, the Europeans ride high-speed trains and we pay for the defense.

This is a shameful misuse of taxpayer dollars that needs to change if we’re to modernize our infrastructure,  keep up with China, put millions of Americans back to work, and reduce wasteful spending!

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

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