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Take your pick: Emanuel, Palin in dead heat for White House in 2016

There’s lots of speculation about who is and isn’t going to launch a presidential bid for 2016. Hillary Clinton is all but in. Same goes for Jeb Bush.

But Rahm Emanuel and Sarah Palin? If you’re a gambler, you can put down some money on either one of them winning the White House in the next election cycle. According to oddsmaker Bovada, they both have an equal shot — at 60-1.

There’s no shortage of potential candidates on Bovada’s board.

Clinton comes in at 13-10, while Bush is the 5-1. Marco Rubio (12-1), Chris Christie (14-1) and Mitt Romney (14-1) round out the top five.

For a little perspective on the odds for Emanuel and Palin, look at Donald Trump. The man who always says he may run but doesn’t has the lowest odds on the board at 200-1.

Palin has said that all the “haters” may compel her to run for office again, and it has been previously reported that Emanuel, who is in a hotly-contested mayoral race, may consider a White House run if Clinton opts not to run.

But more recently, when asked if he misses the White House — or Congress — Emanuel responded ““No f—— way.”