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CBS sets debut date for Colbert’s ‘Late Show’

PASADENA, Calif. — It’s a date: Stephen Colbert will take over the “Late Show” on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

CBS Entertainment Chief Nina Tassler made the announcement Monday at the TV critics’ press tour.

“They’ve just moved into their offices,” Tassler said. “They’ve just started working.”

Colbert left his beloved “The Colbert Report” last month after 11 seasons at Comedy Central, putting an end to his conservative political pundit persona.

“He is introducing himself, the real Stephen Colbert, to the audience,” Tassler said, adding that he brought almost his entire creative team from “The Colbert Report” with him to “Late Show.”


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Longtime “Late Show” host David Letterman previously announced his May 20 retirement. Tassler said the network plans to fill the vacant time slot with primetime reruns over the summer.

As for what Colbert’s “Late Show” incarnation will look like, Tassler said it’s likely to be a mix of the traditional late-night talk show combined with some unconventional twists.

“Part of the opportunity of being in business with a brilliant talent like Stephen Colbert is really letting him do what he wants to do,” she said. “We’re sitting back and waiting for him to come to us to say what he has in mind.”

Two things the show will have are guests and music, she said, adding that it’s still undecided whether he’ll go with the traditional opening monologue.

“It’s really a discovery process for him,” she said.