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President Ted Cruz? He’s ‘looking at it very seriously’

All signs are pointing to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush launching a 2016 presidential bid. The same goes for 2012 nominee Mitt Romney. And now, Sen. Ted Cruz?

The Republican from Texas said he’s not shying away from entering what looks to be a crowded field.

“Well, I think everyone is looking at the race right now,” he said on Fox & Friends. “I can tell ya, I’ve been receiving a lot of encouragement, a lot of support, and I’m looking at it very seriously.”

On Monday, former Sen. Rick Santorum said Cruz, along with other potential GOP contenders are nothing more than “bomb throwers” with few achievements.

Cruz said the race comes down to one issue: “Who is standing up and leading?”

“Well look, there may be people that throw attacks,” Cruz said. “I think Rick Santorum is a good man, and he’s entitled to express his views.”

h/t: Bloomberg Politics