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Bruce Jenner gets zapped by made-up cover story

Not surprisingly, a source close to Bruce Jenner said Thursday the former Olympic champ and Kardashian clan momager Kris Jenner’s ex-husband is “majorly upset by that stupid [magazine] cover.” The reference is to the new InTouch magazine — which has Photoshopped a picture of Jenner as a woman, complete with poorly applied lipstick and goofy-looking eyebrows.

Beyond the fake photo, the story inside claims Jenner is about to come out as a transgendered woman in an upcoming issue of the national gay magazine the Advocate. In response to that claim, the Advocate’s editor doesn’t deny its writers are working on a Jenner story but insists reports in both InTouch and the HollywoodLife website regarding such a story are “total fabrications.”

While Jenner’s increasingly altered appearance in the past year or so has led to many rumors regarding his sexual orientation, it is intriguing that Kris Jenner has not been exactly a strong supporter of her former, longtime husband. As my Hollywood gossip pal Janet Charlton pointed out Thursday, after Bruce had Adam’s apple surgery, she could have quashed sex-change stories, but she merely laughed them off.

Her comment about the InTouch story only seems to feed the sex-change tales: “It’s just mean — whether or not it’s true.”