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Police: Schiller Park mother poisoned kids with drug-laced apple juice

Krystle El Khatib | photo from Schiller Park police
Krystle El Khatib | photo from Schiller Park police

A Schiller Park woman poisoned her two children by making them drink apple juice laced with prescription drugs on Monday, police said.

Krystle A. El Khatib, 29, is being held at the Cook County Jail on a $1.5 million bond after she was charged with two counts of attempted murder, according to a statement from Schiller Park police.

The incident occurred Monday at El Khatib’s home in the 9200 block of Seymour Avenue when she crushed several pills into a powder and put it into a large cup of apple juice before forcing the children to drink it, police said. She then took several of the pills herself.

The children were brought to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital by their father, at which point officers were sent to the home to check on the well-being of El Khatib, who was considered possibly suicidal, police said. She was taken to Presence Resurrection Medical Center.

Both children tested positive for benzodiazepine in initial toxicology reports, police said. Further tests are pending through the Illinois State Police crime lab.