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Kesha hints new music coming soon

Kesha got her fans excited Saturday as she turned to Instagram — posting a short video in which she sings a capella and promising to release new music “soon.”

In the video, Kesha softly sings, “Stay young/wild one/I know your heart has been through it all/stay young.” That snippet is generating speculation the singer is putting together an autobiographical track that likely will delve into her recent personal and professional struggles. She captioned the post, “I will release new music as soon as I possibly can animals. as soon as I [expletive] can.”

All of this generated a lot of social media buzzing — mostly focusing on Kesha’s ongoing legal battle with music producer Dr. Luke, who still has the singer singed to his Kemosabe record label, despite the two being totally estranged.

Their problems became public early last year, when Kesha sought in-patient treatment for an eating disorder, which her mother Pebe Sebert publicly blamed on Luke. Though she finished rehab last March and spent the summer working on ABC’s “Rising Star,” there hasn’t been any new Kesha music since 2013, and her last album, “Warrior,” came out in 2012.

Kesha has been attempting to be released from her contract with Luke. She filed a lawsuit in October that charged he drugged and sexually assaulted her and abused her verbally, causing emotional damage.

Dr. Luke filed his own lawsuit in response, claiming those Kesha stories were merely fabricated as a way to extort funds from him and get out of her contractual obligations.