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Sienna Miller swears by kale and her own veggie patch

By Bill Zwecker/Columnist

It takes some prodding before actress Sienna Miller reveals what she does to look and feel so healthy. At first, the British beauty quips, “I always make sure I have good hair and makeup! It’s all an illusion!”

The truth is, she’s careful with her diet. “I do like green juices — those healthy shakes that really can be wonderful tasting and wonderful for you,” Miller says. “I do try to eat organically, as much as possible. I grow my own vegetables.I have a veggie patch.

“Of course, you have to be practical, because you can’t always have access to that. But whenever I can sneak a bit of kale into a meal, that’s good.”

Along with eating kale raw in a salad, Miller adds that she loves roasting it, “to make it a bit crunchy” as a side dish.

Miller was inspired to up her fitness game to play the wife of a Navy SEAL sharpshooter (Bradley Cooper) in “American Sniper,” opening in Chicago on Jan. 16.

“Historically, I’ve never been particularly good with exercise,” she admits, “but I did have to get into it for this film and I suddenly did get a bit addicted to it. … Maybe watching how Bradley packed on 40 pounds of muscle in such a short time was the inspiration for me hitting the gym!”