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Blake Shelton latest celeb to respond to Michael Moore

Along with a lot of other celebs as well as members of the general public, country music superstar Blake Shelton has joined the chorus of criticism aimed at filmmaker Michael Moore’s controversial comment, which many took to be about the “American Sniper” film. Many people were offended when he called military snipers “cowards” — tied to remarks about he and his family having been traumatized by his uncle being shot to death in World War II by a sniper. Moore later praised “American Sniper” and turned to Facebook to write a long defense of his position on snipers in general.

“I think most Americans don’t think snipers are heroes,” wrote Moore on Facebook. “Hopefully not on this weekend when we remember that man in Memphis, Tennessee, [Martin Luther King Jr.], who was killed by a sniper’s bullet.”

Shelton turned to Twitter on Monday posting, “I can’t WAIT to see American Sniper!!! Proud to support our military..Period.” The musician then added, “Sickens me to see celebrities or anybody slam the very people who protect their right to talk sh*t.. #truecowards.”

Actress and TV personality Ali Sweeney chimed in with support, leading Shelton to tweet, “’@Ali_Sweeney: .@blakeshelton you’ll hear a big HELL YEAH from me. #church’ Damn right sis!!”

Also criticizing Moore via social media was Rob Lowe who posted, “He’s kidding, right?”