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Video: Dennis Rodman tears up while discussing North Korea, reveals death threats

Former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman tears up while discussing his trip to North Korea in a clip from the new documentary Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang In Pyongyang.

Rodman stops talking and cries silently as he reveals that he has gotten death threats for traveling to North Korea.

The clip features some strange, curse-filled ranting, including a portion where he claims he’s no Martin Luther King.

“Why am I trying to change [bleep]? I’m not Martin Luther King,” Rodman says. “I’m not this bull[bleep]. If somebody wants to shoot me, please do it today. Do it [bleep]ing today. Right now. I’m right here. [Bleep] it.”

Rodman says people far more famous than him refuse to travel to North Korea.

You can watch the odd, rambling clip below:

[h/t mediaite]