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‘Supergirl’ star found: ‘Glee’ actress Melissa Benoist

We’ll see how fans react now that “Glee” star Melissa Benoist has been tapped to play the title role in the CBS pilot for “Supergirl.”

Based on the characters from DC Comics, the project is being put together by Warner Bros. TV and that studio’s Berlanti Productions, headed up by Northwestern grad Greg Berlanti. The story will focus on Kara Zor-El (Benoist), who escaped from her home planet of Krypton as it was breaking up many years ago.

Since arriving on Earth, like her cousin Superman, she has been hiding her super powers. Yet, at the age of 24, she has decided to put those powers to work and accept her role as a superhero.

Written by Berlanti and Ali Adler, the project went through an extensive casting process. Benoist had been consistently in the mix, first alongside Claire Holt and more recently considered along with Elizabeth Lail.

In addition to “Supergirl,” Benoist has a supporting role in the Oscar-nominated “Whiplash” and will soon be seen in “The Longest Ride,” starring Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood.