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WATCH: The premiere of The School Project’s ‘Chicago Public Schools: Closed’

How have the 2013 school closings changed Chicago?

The School Project asks that question in a new short documentary released Thursday, “Chicago Public Schools: Closed.”

The film is the second installment of a six-part documentary Web series created by a collaboration of Chicago filmmakers. It follows one parent through the maze of hearings and protests that led to the largest school closings in American history.

Watch the film from The School Project, a partner of the Chicago Sun-Times, below:

A new report by the University of Chicago’s Consortium on Chicago School Research, also made public Thursday, found most of the 11,000 students whose schools closed 2013 ended up at schools the district deemed higher-performing. Still, a third still landed at schools with Chicago Public Schools’ lowest rating, it said.

The School Project will host a sold-out screening of “Chicago Public Schools: Closed” and panel discussion about the report tonight at the University of Chicago’s Logan School for the Arts.

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