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WATCH: Sarah Palin does a terrible ‘Da Bears’ impersonation

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — who may or may not be running for president in 2016 — is using a McDonald’s ad that features enemies uniting to demonstrate what is wrong with America.

She talks about the “sad reality behind this cute commercial” and the difficulties of bipartisanship.

“Democrat policies are failing America. They’ve hit working Americans hard in their pocketbook,” Palin says, adding that many Americans eat at McDonald’s.

When the commercial cuts to a Bears and Packers fan, Palin does a terrible “Da Bears” impersonation that became famous on Saturday Night Live.

It comes near the 28-second mark:

For comparison, here’s how to properly pull off “Da Bears.”

She clearly could use some lesson from Bill Swerksi’s Super Fans.

h/t: @Walldo