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Boehner’s crucial State of Union survival tip: Stare at Obama’s head

WASHINGTON — How to behave when 30 million Americans give your political nemesis their undivided attention in a televised speech and your job is to sit quietly behind him?

House Speaker John Boehner told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech he focused on the back of the president’s head, trying not to make news. The Ohio Republican can be seen throughout the hourlong speech listening politely but never smiling.

Biden: Staying focused at State of the Union wasn’t easy

When asked if he practiced his scowl beforehand, Boehner said no.

He said, quote, “This is the president’s night, and so I sit there and try to make no news. Although, inside, I’ve got a lotta things rollin’ through my mind.”