Rodman upset about ‘Interview’ — invites Rogen to North Korea

SHARE Rodman upset about ‘Interview’ — invites Rogen to North Korea
SHARE Rodman upset about ‘Interview’ — invites Rogen to North Korea

As if not enough has been said about the film “The Interview, now Dennis Rodman is stirring things up even further. The former Bulls star — famous for developing a buddy relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — is now inviting “Interview” star Seth Rogen to go to North Korea with him.

Yeah, like that’s going to happen!

Here’s the deal: In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Rodman said he believes Rogen and co-star James Franco made a huge mistake in making a film about a country they have never visited. According to Rodman, Rogen’s team invited the former NBA player to have a role in the movie, but by the time Rodman got back to them, it was too late and the production had moved on.

Yet, even now, Rodman told the Reporter, “I would ask Seth and all those involved in the movie to go to North Korea with me. And then do an interview with me about the movie.”

Something tells me no oneinvolved with “The Interview” would have a prayer of getting a visa to travel to North Korea — unless they were volunteering to go in front of a firing squad!

That said, Rodman added he does not believe North Korea was behind the massive cyber attack on Sony that nearly derailed the film’s release. “If the North wanted to hack anything in the world, anything in the world, really, they are going to go hack a movie? Really?!”

The Rodman interview was tied to the premiere of his own documentary about his trips to North Korea. “Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang” premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Sunday. “This is the real North Korea, this is the real movie,” Rodman told the Reporter, admitting he hasn’t yet seen “The Interview.”

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