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Ready for Hillary cashes in on Sarah Palin’s Iowa speech

Sarah Palin may want to think twice before holding up any pro-Hillary Clinton wares the next time she gives a speech.

Over the weekend at the Iowa Freedom Summit, during her speech that has been widely mocked, she held up a “Ready for Hillary” magnet while asking “can anyone stop Hillary?”

“To borrow a phrase, ‘Yes, we can.’ And it starts here, and it starts now.”

Now, the Ready for Hillary super PAC is cashing in.

Anyone who donates $20.16 gets the same car magnet Palin used as a prop.

“Sarah Palin says Republicans will be ready for Hillary,” the fundraising page says. “Let’s show her she’s wrong.”

USA Today reports the effort has already raised more than $50,000.

Ready for Hillary’s executive director, Adam Parkhomenko, said the haul means that Palin actually qualifies for the PAC’s national finance council, though “we will wait until Sarah calls before officially adding her name.”

h/t: USA Today

h/t: USA Today