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Thrive at home: 5 stretches for 5 p.m.

ABOVE PHOTO: Donna Gelmanovich, a membership representative at Fitness Formula Club, demonstrates a stretch at her desk. | Photos by Kevin Tanaka/For the Sun-Times

You know that feeling — when the workday is winding down and you get up from the chair at your desk, only to realize you haven’t stood up in hours: Your back hurts and your legs are stiff.

To help remedy the discomfort, you should get up and walk around your office every hour — and some stretching before you start the trip home is a good idea, too, according to Lois Miller, instructor and regional group fitness director for Fitness Formula Clubs.

Miller put together these five stretches for 5 p.m., all of which can be done at your desk. Hold each for 1 minute.

1. Figure 4

While seated, cross one foot over the opposite knee, rest your ankle on your knee or thigh. Lean forward.

2. Seated Lunge & Reach

Sit to the right side of your chair and stretch your right leg behind you. Reach your right arm straight up and push your ribcage to the right until you feel a stretch. Repeat with your left leg and left arm.

3. Fold Over

Start seated with your legs open. Fall forward, grabbing through the inside of your shoes and gently pull your body forward.

4. Standing Quad Stretch

Stand next to your chair or desk and hold on with your left hand as you pull your right foot close to your body behind you, keeping your knees together. Repeat with your opposite foot.

5. Chest Opener

While seated, lock both hands together behind the back of your chair. Move your shoulders down while squeezing your shoulder blades together and pulling chest forward.