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Kendall County man charged with trying to illegally sell gun

A Kendall County man was arrested Friday and charged with trying to arrange the illegal sale of a firearm.

Jack Horvat, 18, was charged with one felony count of attempted unlawful sale of a firearm, two misdemeanor counts of attempted unlawful sale of firearms, and two misdemeanor counts of having a firearm without an FOID card, the Kendall County sheriff’s office said in a statement.

Authorities began investigating last April after receiving a report of the theft of a firearm from a Newark home, police said.

During the investigation, deputies learned Horvat was trying to sell a firearm similar to the one taken, police claim. Authorities have not yet confirmed whether it was the same weapon.

Horvat, also of Newark, was arrested at his home last Friday and released after posting 10 percent of a $7,500 bond, police said.