Chris Christie’s brother slams non-Cowboy fans who have ‘panties in a ringer’

SHARE Chris Christie’s brother slams non-Cowboy fans who have ‘panties in a ringer’

It’s no secret that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan — and his brother, Todd, took to Facebook to defend the governor.

It all started as a kid, when he loved Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach.

This season, he’s come under heat after being spotted in owner Jerry Jones’ luxury box during multiple games this season.

But on Sunday night, something amazing happened. Christie stole the show after he was seen celebrating and hugging it out with Jones after Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was sacked to seal the win.

What happened next?

Twitter ran with it.

Christie’s brother, Todd, took to Facebook to defend the governor, blasting the “non Cowboy fans who have their panties in a ringer” and urging people to “get a life.”


For all of you out there who thoroughly enjoyed seeing Christie in his orange sweater, here’s a double dose of good news.

Monday morning on WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton” radio show, Christie said he believes the orange sweater — which he was mocked for — is good luck for the Cowboys and doesn’t plan on retiring it.

Even after the recent social media explosion, he’s hoping to attend Sunday’s playoff game in Green Bay.

“We all know what this is about, and that’s fine,” he said. “Believe me, I would take all the abuse that I’m taking from some of these folks in return for Cowboys playoff wins. As a fan, that’s what it’s all about. … Just because I’m Governor of New Jersey doesn’t mean that I change who I root for — that’s it.”

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