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DATA: Chicago metropolitan area is one of the worst places in nation to find a job

Even though the unemployment rate in the Chicago metropolitan area has fallen to 5.7 percent, it’s not all good news for job-seekers, according to new data released by WalletHub.

WalletHub puts the Chicago area among the worst for finding a new job, coming in the bottom quarter of the 150 largest metro areas in the nation. After being No. 41 in 2014, Chicago has dropped to No. 118 on the list.

To come up with the rankings, WalletHub used 16 different metrics, including employment growth, part-time vs. full-time jobs, starting salary, and number of employees living in poverty.

Chicago’s steep drop could partially be attributed to the addition of new metrics WalletHub used for 2015, in what it says are “improvements to the methodology.”

If you’re in the job market and looking to relocate, Seattle tops the chart as the most job-friendly area. Des Moines, Iowa and Gilbert, Arizona come in at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively.

Surprisingly, Detroit, known for its lack of jobs, city-wide blight and bankruptcy, doesn’t come in last (it’s No. 148). Two California cities and their surrounding metro areas take that honor: Moreno Valley and San Bernardino are No. 149 and No. 150, respectively.

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