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Christie Brinkley shares beauty, lifestyle tips in new book

“Be happy. Plant a garden. Be happy. Eat a garden.”

That’s only one message supermodel/actress/entrepreneur Christie Brinkley hopes to impart with her new book, “Timeless Beauty” (Grand Central Life & Style). In the book, due Nov. 10, Brinkley 61, delivers advice, tips and trends on everything from fashion and skin care to cooking and fitness.

“I did the ‘Happy Birthday’ [swimsuit] cover for People [magazine] when I turned 60 and it got a huge reaction, and a lot of people started asking me, ‘What’s your secret? What are you eating? How did you do that?’ So I said let me write this down and see what makes sense — if I can be helpful to anybody.”

Read more of my conversation with Brinkley about her new book and lifestyle tips here.