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Baseball execs believe Castro will be traded before Baez

The Cubs have one thing many MLB clubs don’t. The North Siders posses one of the most talented, youthful rosters in the league. Although it is a good baseball problem to have, there simple isn’t enough opportunity to play every player.

As simple as it would be to trade away players, the Cubs have to consider the value of the position and about any player’s individual potential moving forward. Every team want productive starters right away, but would rather wait for someone who will become an All-Star.

After advancing deep into the playoffs this year, the Cubbies don’t have much time to wait before their title contention window closes.

A group of MLB execs sat down with ESPN to discuss who they believe the Cubs will allow to be traded from the team. As talented as many consider Starlin Castro, it is hard for them to find a reason why the Cubbies would take him over a younger Javier Baez.

“Castro showed enough at two positions this year that his contract will seem like a fair deal once the free-agent class this year gets paid,” an AL general manager said. “I don’t see the Cubs’ leadership parting with Baez given his upside, but I also see some teams shying away from his boom-or-bust approach.”

At 22, Baez already has one of the most powerful strokes in baseball but his strikeout rate is alarming. It may be worth flipping Baez if the North Siders get a large ransom in return, especially with Kyle Schwarber’s power surge last season.