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Bulls officially announce NBA D-League team but need help naming it

The Bulls “big announcement” Wednesday wasn’t a very well kept secret, but the team officially announced it would own and operate their own NBA D-League team.

In a press release today, the Bulls said they would launch a team, starting in the 2016-17 season, that will play at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates.

From the press release:

“We’re extremely excited for the valuable investment the Bulls are making by owning and operating an NBA D-League franchise,” said John Paxson, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations for the Chicago Bulls. “While it will ingrain our brand more deeply in the surrounding communities, it will also strengthen our team on the court. Our younger players will have a place close to home to grow and mature while playing within a developmental platform that is consistent with Bulls basketball.”

There was one new piece of information from the press release. The Bulls don’t have a name for the team yet, and they are looking for help from their fans. Anyone who is a resident of Illinois or lives within 75 miles of Chicago can send in submission for a possible team name.

However, there’s a catch. Each submission must end in “Bulls.”

While the Luvabulls is already taken, there are still plenty of options. Each fan who submits a name will receive a buy-one-get-one ticket offers for the inaugural season. Voting has been opened and will remain so until Nov. 25.

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