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Man stabbed in Woodstock charged with home invasion attempt

A 19-year-old man stabbed in the groin last week in northwest suburban Woodstock has been charged with battery and attempted home invasion, and the teenager who stabbed him will not be charged.

Antonio Bowman, 19, learned that a 17-year-old friend was involved in a fight with another 17-year-old in a church parking lot Nov. 6, according to a statement from Woodstock police.

Bowman sought retaliation against the person who fought his friend, and went to that person’s home in the 200 block of South Madison at 3:43 p.m., police said. He tried to force his way in and was told to leave by several juveniles inside.

A 16-year-old struggled to try to close the door as Bowman tried to force his way in, and Bowman pulled the boy out of the house and threw him on the front lawn, police said. The boy pulled a knife “in fear for his safety.”

As Bowman charged at the boy, “the blade entered Bowman’s groin area” and caused severe bleeding, police said. The 16-year-old then called 911 to report the incident and get medical assistance for Bowman, who was taken to Advocate Condell Hospital in Libertyville.

Bowman has since been charged with felony counts of attempted home invasion and criminal trespass to a residence; and a misdemeanor count of battery, police said. His bond was set at $80,000. The 16-year-old was not charged because the stabbing was in self-defense, according to police.

The two 17-year-olds who were involved in the earlier fight were also cited for fighting in public.