Expert Picks: Bears at Rams in Week 10

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The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their predictions for Bears-Rams in Week 10:


Rams 17-14

If the Bears are smart, they’ll stack the line to stop Todd Gurley and dare Nick Foles to beat them. The Rams’ defense is very good and will be the difference in a tough road game for the Bears. A step up in class after San Diego. Season: 4-4


Bears 24-20

I’m interested to see if Jay Cutler can play — in two straight weeks — the way he did after nearly blowing last Sunday’s Chargers game with an early lost fumble and a pick-six. Rick “the Viper” Morrissey says leopards can’t change their spots. The Viper sees the glass half-empty. But I see a new Jay! Season: 4-4


Bears 23-20

The Bears will try to make Rams quarterback Nick Foles beat them, and he won’t. I’ll take Jay Cutler for the late comeback. Injuries don’t help the Rams’ defensive efforts, and the Bears find a way to manage rookie running back Todd Gurley. Season: 2-6


Rams 23-17

Improving Bears have proven they can win close games, but lose them as well. Who knows what makes the difference from week-to-week, but the Rams aren’t nearly as flawed or as short-handed as the Chargers with a running back who can do some damage and a top-notch defense. Season: 5-3


Rams 19-17

After playing their first eight games without facing a quarterback in the bottom 10 of starters’ passer rating, the Bears draw Nick Foles, ranked No. 27. He’ll make the Rams settle for field goals, and the Bears will play their sixth-straight game that goes down to the final drive. Season: 6-2

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