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Cubs raising season ticket prices by up to 43 percent

Following one of the most successful seasons in franchise history, the Cubs are raising season ticket prices.

The average jump in prices is between seven and 14 percent, according to Chicago Business Journal, but one location – terrace boxes in the outfield – will see more than a 43-percent increase in prices in 2016.

The Cubs delivered the news to season ticket holders in a letter from vice president of sales and partnerships Colin Faulkner last week, the report said.

Via Chicago Buisness Journal:

To make sure last year’s season ticket holders are prepared to commit to next year and the price hike, the team is pushing forward the non-refundable season ticket downpayment date to Dec. 2, 2015, with the remaining balance due Jan. 12, 2016.

Per a Cubs spokesman, the lowest season ticket price for 2016 will be $1,650 ($20.37 per game) for an upper deck reserved outfield seat, and the highest will be $8,525 ($105.24 per game) for a club box infield seat.

Even before the price hike, the Cubs already had the third-most expensive ticket in Major League Baseball, according to

At nearly $45 per seat, the Cubs trailed only the Red Sox ($52) and Yankees ($51).

The average price to see the NL champion Mets in 2015 was $25, while another playoff team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, sold tickets for an average of $20.

Average ticket price for all 30 MLB clubs in 2015