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Bulls will debut new Chicago PRIDE jerseys Monday night

An artists rendering of the new Chicago PRIDE jerseys the Bulls will wear Monday night (Photo via @ChicagoBulls on Twitter)

The Bulls haven’t shied away from trying some different jerseys through the early portion of the season. While they aren’t exactly Oregon football, the Bulls released pictures of another alternate jersey that will be debuted Monday night against the Pacers.

The jersey, dubbed Chicago PRIDE, will be worn during five different games this season against “historic Eastern Conference rivals.”

There are a few noticeable features with the new jersey that are drastically different from anything the Bulls normally wear. Most eye catching is the grey color of the uniform, something they haven’t done before.

Players will also have to get used to the sleeves on the new jersey. While it won’t be the first time the Bulls have worn the sleeved jerseys that the NBA started producing a few years ago, it has caused problems in the past. Earlier this year, LeBron James made waves when he tore open his sleeves in the middle of a game.

After Monday’s game, the Bulls will bring the jersey back Dec. 19 against the Knicks, Jan. 1 against the Bucks, Jan. 23 against the Cavaliers and Apr. 2 against the Pistons.

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